Specialised testing
& inspection services

We utilise local resources to provide global solutions

Our experience in inspection, together with our extensive knowledge of Australia and international standards guarantees that our clients have access to the best personnel and techniques in the respective inspection disciplines. Our inspectors are equipped with modern equipment and operations are coordinated and reported via our web-based asset management platform.
We believe that we form part of your frontline risk management resource by ensuring that project assets are prepared in compliance with relevant standards. Our team comprises extensively qualified, safety focussed technicians who are highly mobile and at home in both onshore and offshore operating environments.
Specialised testing and inspection services include:
  • Lifting and Lifted equipment design, supply,
  • inspection and compliance check
  • NDT Inspection (ET, MT, PT)
  • Proof Loading
  • Asset Integrity Management via Safespear Portal
  • Lifting Equipment and Height Safety inspection
  • (quarterly and manufacturer prescribed)
  • 3rd Party Inspection
  • DROPS Inspections/Surveys
  • Lifting/Drops coaching and internal verification
  • of competency
  • Onshore and Offshore support and preparations
  • Tank Entry Inspection and Cleaning
  • OCTG Inspection Services


We provide an extensive range of services to meet our clients’ pressure testing requirements

Safe Spear offers industry-leading capabilities with an extensive range of in-service and compliance NDT and inspection techniques, Safespear maintains a strong focus on minimising risk, reducing cost, extending asset life, increasing production and optimising assets.
Safespear specialises in a range of testing services Including:
  • Mobile Hydrostatic testing (0 psi – 15000 psi)
  • PSV checks, relief setting and testing (0 psi – 15000 psi)
  • Tubing repairs, reworks and new installations
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of valves, actuators, hydraulically operated equipment
  • Scheduled Equipment preservation, condition inspection, reporting of oilfield equipment
  • Denso install, fluid cleanliness, corrosion condition

Our services include.

Specialised Drill Pipe & Tubular Inspection

BHA & Specialty Drilling Tools Inspection

Connection Field Repair & Refacing Services

OCTG Inspection Consulting & Verification Services

Drill Pipe & Tubular Cleaning Services

Drill Pipe Storage & Handling Services

OCTG Inspection Consultation and Verification

Mobile Tubular Cleaning Services

High-pressure water jetting

Drilling Equipment Inspection Services