Infectious Disease
Prevention and Control

Innovative Solutions to Rapidly Increase Medical Infrastructure Capacity

As a dynamic business with a reputation for problem-solving we have a range of products designed to assist in overcoming some of the challenges confronting the health sector in preventing and controlling the spread of infectious disease.

All of our products utilise the concept of negative pressure or positive pressure to isolate infectious patients or protect the vulnerable.

Given the dynamic nature of infectious disease and the potentially rapid spread that can occur, our products are designed to be rapidly deployed to any location in Australia.

Each of our products meet State and Federal standards and guidelines and provide engineered controls that protect key health workers and the general public alike.

The Safespear SafeRoom is a portable anteroom (airlock entrance) system with HEPA-filtered ventilation which can convert existing rooms into Class-N negative pressure isolation rooms (NPIR) or Class-P positive pressure isolation rooms (PPIR). Installation time is as low as 30 minutes.

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The Safespear SafeFlex is a standalone temporary negative pressure isolation room unit used to isolate infectious patients and can be used to supplement existing NPIR capacity or to provide capability to regional areas where it does not exist.

The units are particularly well suited to aerosol generating procedure isolation rooms either inside or outside of existing medical facilities.

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Emergency Response Shelters

Large, rapidly deployed inflatable-column emergency response shelters are available in a range of sizes, are highly transportable by air or road, weather-proof, climate-controlled and designed to hospital standards. 

The shelters can rapidly expand medical infrastructure including intensive care units (ICUs), testing ‘fever’ clinics, triage areas, isolation wards for cohorting and remote area isolation facilities.

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The SafeClinic is a modular transportable building used to rapidly provide additional Class-N (Type 5) negative pressure isolation rooms (NPIRs) to increase healthcare infrastructure capacity and help to protect healthcare workers and patients from the risk of contracting infectious disease.

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Rapidly Increase Capacity
Protect Healthcare Workers and Patients
End-to-End Service
Engineering Controls
Support the local Economy
Support Remote Communities
Comply with Guidelines

Safespear brings together the expertise and industry knowledge from well-respected businesses; Safehouse and Redspear Safety.

Our focus on excellence and shared core values differentiate us in the market.

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