The Safespear Difference


Our dynamic and agile business model is nimble enough to seek innovative and tailored solutions to specific client requirements and objectives.


Integrity is present in all facets of Safespear, from our management to operational staff and across everything we do. We stay true to our word and strive to be accurate, consistent and reliable, taking responsibility for everything we do.


We focus on knowledge sharing with our clients and pulling together to assist others to get the job done to an agreed level of excellence.

Key benefits.





Our experience.

Safespear have a long history of working with many of Australia’s Oil & Gas operators

Safespear brings to the market an un-surpassed and diverse offering of highly-specialised services.

We have become synonymous with protecting customer’s assets, personnel and production through involvement in most maintenance, brownfield and construction projects across Australia. From our strategically positioned bases, we conduct work in remote locations both onshore and offshore.