Improved safe access in the Offshore Environment

The QuikDeck Suspended Access System offers the advantage of safely working on an open, modular platform. With basic components and a flexible composition, QuikDeck’s patented configuration can adapt to fit almost any shape or size.

Revolutionary Offshore Suspended Access

QuikDeck Suspended Access System easily and safely provides complete access to many of those hard-to-reach places on an offshore rig. Perfect for the underside of a platform, QuikDeck can be assembled and lowered into position or built in the air. This innovative offshore access solution has been utilised on rigs across the world, and because of its ease of use and efficiency, QuikDeck can significantly reduce your project’s overall cost.


  • Basic components are easy to handle and assemble
  • Flat, open work environment with fewer tripping hazards
  • Configures to fit almost any shape or size
  • Requires no special tools or skills to assemble
  • Load capacities range from 25 psf to more than 75 psf
  • Can be built in the air or on the ground then hoisted into position
  • Equipment can be leapfrogged and relocated as work progresses


  • Offshore rigs and platforms
  • Boiler applications and maintenance
  • Bridge construction, maintenance and repair
  • Maritime vessels
  • Temporary stages and walkways
  • Atriums

Safespear brings together the expertise and industry knowledge from well-respected businesses; Safehouse and Redspear Safety.

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