Our IECEx SafeCool air-conditioning units (ACU) are designed for use in explosive atmospheres and has been developed specifically for hot climates and areas with challenging working conditions where productivity is low due to high working temperatures. When used in conjunction with a SAFEHOUSE habitat system, SafeCool increases personnel productivity significantly mitigates risks associated with heat stress and fatigue.

Our units come complete with integrated DNV certified lifting frame and slings for offshore lift and provide 22kW of cooling capacity. Benefits of the SafeCool include:

  • Engineered control to mitigate the effects of heat stress and fatigue
  • Increases productivity in hot climates by up to 50%
  • IECEx certified for use in explosive atmospheres
  • Can be used in conjunction with SAFEHOUSE habitats or as standalone items for spot cooling


Safespear specialises in engineered atmospheric controls and dehumidification services. Our range of industrial dehumidifiers and air conditioners allied to our expertise in encapsulation and containment ensures we can create controlled environments in complex locations and in the harshest of climates. Our engineered controls are ideally suited to:
  • Creating controlled, low humidity environments for blasting Creating controlled and ideal climates for coating applications
  • Creating very low dew point environments for CUI inspection and re-lagging
Benefits of creating controlled environments in an Oil & Gas environment include:
  • Increased worker comfort
  • Increased personnel productivity
  • ‘Holding the blast’ for prolonged periods
  • Improved coating adhesion
  • Ability to always create ideal environmental conditions for coatings application
  • Ability to remove and replace insulation on low temperature pipes without any build up of condensation or ice
  • Ability to conduct CUI inspection on live piping

Safespear brings together the expertise and industry knowledge from well-respected businesses; Safehouse and Redspear Safety.

Our focus on excellence and shared core values differentiate us in the market.

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